Piranhas are not loved by anglers as they are often stealing bait, wrecking good leads, and keeping other species from coming out to eat. But if you really want to catch one, as many Brazilians do, there is a really way to do it! Watch how this woman uses Animal intestines to grab her prey. Just make sure you have good balance and don’t fall in the water!

Speaking of fishing for Piranha, here is a video I made with Amazon Angler Steve Townson chasing down the Amazon’s biggest piranha – The Black Piranha

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Elephant swimming in Ocean Encounters Shark

Billschannel viewer Judy Labrona sent these pictures to me on my Facebook page ( Judy says she took the pictures herself while she was on vacation in Sri lanka.

Judy writes “ I went snorkeling and came across a guy taking his elephant for a swim. I started taking some pictures and then – out of the blue – this shark showed up!”

“The good thing was the shark was so fascinated with the elephant I don’t think he even noticed me.”

As it turns out, the shark eventually swam off and the elephant headed back to shore. There wasn’t a scratch on either creature. (It must have been love at first sight).

Elephant and Shark come face to face during the endounter


If you have any weird or interesting wildlife pictures send them to me at or

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Supposed Giant Crab spotted on Google Maps.

This giant crab is said to be on google maps. It’s from Kent Harbour in the U.K. But is it real or is it fake? Well, if you go to Google maps and there is no Kent Harbour, other than one in Indiana, USA, that might be your first indication that something is wrong.

Close up view of the "giant crab" supposedly captured by Google Maps

But then when you find the same picture on Bing Maps without the crab, there is a certain word that comes to mind – Photoshop.

This is the image used to create the hoax

The story originated on a small website called Weird Whitstable website.

In reality, the largest crab in the world comes from Japan and is known as the spider crab. The Japanese spider crab has the greatest leg span of any arthropod, reaching 3.8 metres (12 ft) from claw to claw. Here is a video about the biggest crabs in the world.

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Wow, talk about constipation, what is that?

People are notorious for loving their pets, but this has to be a new record. A nameless man from England noticed his beloved goldfish could not poop, and did what he had to do to get it some relief. Now, exactly how this man knew his fish was not pooping has not been revealed, but what it does reveal is that he must have been seriously obsessed with the little gold Nemo!

Little Goldfish, now regular again and happy!

He took it to a veterinarian clinic in England, a practice specializing in exotic animals as well as the more usual pets. They discovered that there were a couple of blockages that needed to be removed surgically. The delicate surgery would cost about £300 or about $450. Without the surgery the waste would turn toxic and eventually kill the fish.

The actual surgery was fairly simple, and lasted about 50 minutes. Thankfully, the fish responded very well, and is recovering comfortably. But seriously, this man could have certainly used a little home remedy before spending all that money, don’t you think? A little X-lax in the fish food would have saved him lots of money – but then this really isn’t a story about economics. It’s a story about love and we all know what the world needs now!

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At least 23 people have been attacked by a species of piranha known locally as the palometa while swimming in a river in northeastern Argentina.

To prevent more injuries, authorities in the town of Garupa have closed the municipal beach.

Ten palometa attacks were reported in Garupa during the first few days of December.

Victims include a 20-year-old woman who suffered a deep bite on her right foot.

Last year, there were reports of more than 70 people injured by palometas.

Bathers in other parts of Argentina have to watch out for sting-rays, while scorpions also become a hazard as temperatures rise.

Here’s a video I shot in Brazil about the biggest Piranha in the Amazon. Check it out. I’m sure you will like it.

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Investigators have been looking for the person who killed a dolphin with an arrow in Alabama. That investigation ended today when a Juvenile from the area confessed to using a bow and arrow to kill the dolphgin.

Close up of dead dolphin shows where the arrow struck the dolphin

Officials received information about a dolphin found floating in Cotton Bayou weeks ago. The animal, which had a shooting arrow lodged in its back near its dorsal fin, was lifeless. Apparently, it had been dead for nearly a week.

A necropsy was conducted on the dolphin, and its manner of death was determined to be infection from a hunter’s arrow. A medical examiner said it likely suffered for five days before succumbing from the wound.

According to federal law, it is illegal to harass, kill, harm, or feed any wild dolphin. The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 says any violation is subject to federal prosecution and punishable with fines up to $100,000, along with a one-year sentence in jail per violation.

This new incident comes only a few months after two Alabama teens were heavily fined for jumping on a Manatee with calf while vacationing in Florida. Man’s what’s with all these kids from Alabama? Check out this video showing their crime.

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Monster Crocodile Found in Panama Canal?

This crocodile picture was sent to me from billschannel Youtube viewer Caroline in Poland. It’s from a Polish site called The title above the picture translates to “Monster Found in Panama Canal.”

Other than the title, there is no other information so there is no way to confirm the authenticity of the picture. All I can find are a couple of Youtube Channels claiming the picture shows the biggest crocodile ever found.

Now from the looks of it, this really is Panama but there is no way to pinpoint exactly where. But one thing is for sure – this is a case of “forced perspective.” The crocodile is a lot closer to us than the people are. If you want to see what I am talking about, watch the video below. Or you can keep reading.

The giveaway is this soldier – he is too low in relation to the crocodile… and the reason for it is simple. The crocodile is laying on the back of a flat be truck of some kind. But because the truck bed and road behind it are the same color, it looks like the crocodile is on the road in front of the spectators.

It’s size is hard to figure out. The biggest crocodile in world was Lolong, a saltwater crocodile found in the Philippines. Lolong was measured at 20 ft 3 in (6.17 m), and weighed 2,370 lbs (1,075 kg).

I don’t know how big the one in the picture is, but I highly doubt it is that big!

On a hunch, I searched the internet in Spanish and came up with this news report from Panama.

The story loosely translates to this: The Crocodile was found in the Four Altos sector of Colon Provence in Panama. The picture shows the crocodile being moved by Panama National Environmental Authority (ANAM) to Lake Gatun. The story says the crocodile is approximately 3 meters long. That’s about 9 feet which is only half the length of Lolong. So, so much the claim that it is the biggest crocodile in the world.

Here’s another angle of the same picture above. Below is another video I made about Crocodiles in the Philippines. Palawan People we miss you!



Angalifu just before his death

One of the world’s last 6 northern white rhinos has died

Angalifu, one of the world’s last northern white rhinos, died at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park on Sunday.

The rhino, 44, apparently died of old age. The Los Angeles Times reports that he had refused to eat for several days before his death.

The park attempted to breed Angalifu with the park’s other northern white rhino, but the efforts were unsuccessful. The San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research has saved some of Angalifu’s semen in case it can one day be used with the remaining northern white rhinos.

The other four remaining animals are at a zoo in the Czech Republic and a preserve in Kenya. Poaching has driven the species to nearly complete extinction. #endextinction #RIP

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It says it is the biggest tortoise in the world, but is it real or is it fake?

This picture has been making the rounds on the internet for awhile now. But I didn’t see it until it was sent to me by @randomguy on Twitter. It shows what looks like a giant Tortoise being hauled on the back of a large truck. But is this real? Or is it Fake.


It didn’t take a lot of research to figure out the picture is really a photo of a prop being used in a movie. It is a Japanese movie fantasy called “Gamera the Brave.”

According to the film’s promotional material it is about a young boy who finds an unusual egg, from which a baby turtle hatches. The boy, Toru, raises the creature, quickly realizing it as remarkable in that it hovers and breathes fire. The creature quickly outgrows the house, is relocated by Toru and his friends to maintain secrecy, and then disappears.

Giant Turtle Movie Prop from Gamera The Brave as it outgrows the boy's house

On the movie set with smaller version of the turtle

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Claimed 18 Foot alligator Found at Florida Construction Site

A photograph purportedly showing an 18 Foot alligator caught by a construction crew in Florida has surfaced on the Internet. But with the current record for largest alligator being only 14.5 feet, is it possible that this 18 footer really exists? I’m no expert in these matters, so I’ll quote reptile expert Dr. Adam Britton’s examination from his website

Dr. Britton writes, “First, we have to assume the photograph is genuine – not always a valid assumption! Image manipulation is easy to hide, especially in a compressed JPEG photo, but let’s give it the benefit of the doubt.

The best way to estimate his size is to compare tail length (which is mostly perpendicular to the photographer) and another known length. Let’s take the guy standing behind him. Let’s assume this guy is around 5 ft 8 inches tall – a fairly average height. The vertical red bar on the photo is my estimate of his total height (remember his lower legs are obscured by the gator’s tail). What I’ve done is copied the bar and rotated it by 90 degrees, then moved it above the tail. Therefore, using this guy’s estimated height we can estimate the alligator’s tail length, which we know is approximately half of the total length.

As you can see, the length of the tail is around 7 to 7.5 feet in length. I won’t argue the details. Double the tail length and we get 14 to 15 feet in length… maybe even slightly more (I’m being deliberately conservative). Not bad at all! Assuming the photograph is genuine, this is an impressively big alligator – one of the largest I’ve seen – but I think 18 feet is stretching it a little bit far!

UPDATE! I have now received confirmation from a reliable source that the alligator in the photo measured 13.5 feet long. The photograph was taken in Florida.

So, I guess that sinks another outlandish internet hoax. Thanks Dr Britton!

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