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Hey guys, Bill here! Stingrays and manta rays come in many shapes and sizes, but one of the coolest rays in all the ocean has to be the giant Shark Ray.

In the front they are broad like a ray, but the back section they are all shark with dual dorsal fins. How cool is that! Also known as a bowmouth guitarfish (because it resembles a guitar shape), this large species can reach a length of 2.7 m (8.9 ft) and weigh up to 135 kg (298 lb).

 Unfortunately, if you want to see these creatures in the wild, you’re going to have to go to the Indian Ocean or the Western pacific… which is way far if you live in the US like I do. But I did discover one of the best places to see these big shark rays in the US, And believe it or Not…. its in the in the middle of the mojave desert … In Las Vegas, Nevada!

Do you see why some people think it resembles a guitar?

In one of the biggest resorts in town, there’s a major Aquarium with full grown Shark Rays in it. It’s called the “Shark Reef” and it’s main tank is filled with 1.3 million gallons of water. This  Aquarium displays all kinds of sharks, rays, fish, reptiles, even a green sawtooth shark, but the real celebrities here are the shark rays!

Shark Rays as seen from the "shark tunnel" at Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Just step inside what they call the Shark Tunnel and within seconds you will have a very up close and personal encounter – guaranteed! Check out this video of the experience!

 Shark Rays are not dangerous to humans…. They like to eat crabs and stuff like that… but their numbers in the wild are dwindling due to overfishing. They are killed for the shark fin on top. It’s the main ingredient in Shark Fin Soup which is popular in certain parts of the world.

Attempts to breed these amazing creatures in captivity so far has been a failure. Seven Pups born at the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky all died within a few months of their birth. Geat more details on this by watching the video below.

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Is that a shark in your truck

This guy says he caught the shark off Navarre Beach near Pensacola, Florida. It’s going to take a lot of gas to get that home!

The shark, an 11-foot, 805-lb shortfin mako, was hooked Tuesday night and very well may be a record breaker.

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Now that is big!Western Australia has endured months of criticism over a shark-culling program intended to keep swimmers and surfers safe, but now a monstrous great white shark that was tagged and released is making headlines… and causing jaws to drop.The massively plump predator, estimated to measure at least 16 feet and weigh 1.6 tons, was captured on March 30 off King George Sound, and fitted with an internal tag in a process biologists described as groundbreaking.But the photo atop this post, revealing the incredible girth of the shark as it was turned over for the tagging process, was not released until Tuesday. The image has sparked an online media fury.

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!

Captain Mark “the Shark” Quartiano stunned tourists along Miami Beach and beyond with the announcement that one of his fishing clients caught a 624 lb. Bull Shark in ten feet of water just off Miami Beach.

Captain Mark is a famous fishing guide in the area. With the help of instagram and text messaging, he told the world that the shark’s stomach had half of a tarpon in it. It also contained 3 jack crevalles, 1 hawksbill turtle, and 1 permit.” Mr. Quartiano did not give up the name of the angler.  People who catch sharks and kill them for sport are coming under increasing criticism. The general public is becoming more aware that even sharks are dwindling in numbers and could one day be on the endangered species list.

Tourists who gathered the see the ocean beast were pleased it was dead. “Something like that could ruin your whole vacation,” Cindy Mayer from Knoxville, Tennessee told a reporter.

This isn’t the first time Mark has come up with something big near Miami Beach. He also snagged a very rare deep sea stingray in November of 2013.

800 Pound Stingray caught near Miami Beach by Mark the Shark

Stingrays like this one may look like a deep sea monster, but actually, they are very gentle creatures as I found out on a trip to Grand Cayman Island. Check out my video below and see how easy going these fellas can be.


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Amazing pictures show staff at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, or TIGERS, taking a leisurely dip with the 90kg beasts.

The South Carolina wildlife centre has been showing off its new custom-made 450L pool, complete with a glass wall for public viewing.

While an average housecat may despise the thought of a cool dip, tigers are the most adept swimmers of all the big cats and even have webbing between their toes to assist in paddling.

But it’s not just for show — the tiger devotees are serious when they say the swimming exercises are an important part of the animals’ training.

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Man gets lamprey stuck to his head

The Amazon fish known as an “Vampire Fish” (or Payara) gets all the blood sucking publicity by media, but it doesn’t really live by drinking the blood of others. It just has the Vampire looking teeth.  The real Vampire of the fish world is called a “Lamprey” and despite the fact that is has no jaw- it lives and dies on how much blood it can suck from the bodies of it’s victims.

Lampreys have no jaws but has little teeth that can lock on and drain you of your precious blood.

Lampreys are ancient, elongated fish that look more like aliens than vampires (or fish, for that matter). They have no jaws, no scales, and spend most of their lives as harmless larvae. It can take up to seven years for one to reach adulthood, but once it does, it becomes a monster: Adult lampreys latch onto a host with their hook-like teeth and gulp down its blood as it swims, unable to defend itself.

Two Lampreys on a dinner date?

As if you needed another reason not to go to New Jersey, check out this picture of a creature recently captured by Reddit user jlitch in the Raritan River of central New Jersey.

New Jersey Lamprey Catch

Identified as a monstrous sea lamprey, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission reports that sea lamprey are like aquatic vampires that “feed on body fluids, often scarring and killing host fish.”



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A woman named Donna Pascoe did not know what she had hooked when line began to race from her reel; she only knew that it was something enormous.

“I hooked up at 9:10 a.m. with the reel screaming,” she said. “The fish never surfaced, so we had no idea what was on the other end. After three hours, the fish surfaced and the skipper yelled, ’Tuna, world record!”

The Pacific bluefin tuna, caught after a four-hour marathon battle during a tournament on February 19, tipped the scale at 907 pounds.

But the catch is more significant. The monstrous bluefin is 130 pounds heavier than the current all-tackle world record (heaviest of a species), which the International Game Fish Association lists as a 777-pound, 1-ounce Pacific bluefin caught off New Zealand by Kevin Baker last September.

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On my Youtube Channel, I have a video that is called “Really Bad Parents.” It shows pictures and vids from around the web of parents doing a really bad job with their kids. The video was really popular, so I made a new one.   It’s called “Really Bad Parents 2″

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A fish that lives deep under the sea has 4 eyes

IT LOOKS like an alien, but this newly discovered four-eyed fish is baffling scientists after being found in waters off Australia.

With its 360 degree vision, the glasshead barreleye has evolved with extra eyes to help detect prey, potential mates and predators.

It was found by excited researchers at the University of Tubingen’s Institute of Anatomy in Germany in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand.

Also known as Rhynchohyalus natalensis, it lives at depths of between 2,600ft (800 metres) and 3,300ft (1,000 metres).

It has two primary cylindrical eyes pointing upwards so it can see prey or predators silhouetted against the gloomy light above as well as a second set of silvery ones on the side its head.

It’s said the fish can grow up to a length of 16cm, although you wouldn’t want to come face-to-face with it.

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Diver and ocean conservationist Jason Dimitri was spearfishing the ecological disaster fish known as the lionfish not long ago. As soon as he speared one, a nearby shark smelled blood and wanted himself a meal.  That’s when the shark made repeated jabs at Mr. Dimitri as if to say, “That lionfish be mine!”

Mr. Dimitri knew well the shark might take a bite of him too if he didn’t respond correctly to the situation. Luckily, the spear he had in his hand became his weapon of choice and the shark was driven away.

Mr. Dimitri was hunting lionfish because they are an alien speices that is killing all the fish that help keep reefs healthy. There was no word what he did with his catch, but I am hoping he had a good meal (because lionfish are quite tasty).

The video, caught on Mr Dimitri’s GoPro 3 camera, was uploaded to YouTube last Thursday and has been viewed millions of times.



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