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Bills Channel

A lot of people who watch my Youtube channel and follow my Facebook postings are always asking me about T-shirts and stuff, so guess what? I finally got it together and opened my very own store right here! It doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of Amazon River Monsters or Real or Fake, if I don’t have something for you here, let me know what it is and I’ll see if I can make for you! Thanks for stopping by and  I’ll see you on Youtube and Facebook!


Q: How long will it take for my products to ship?

A: Shipment times may vary based on your locations. All packages are shipped via priority mail and we will include a tracking number so you know exactly when your order will arrive at your home.

Q: What is the BillsChannel return policy?

A: We have a Zero hassle return policy. You may return any unworn or non-used merchandise for a full refund. Refer to the Terms of Use page for further information.

Q: How do I wash my products?

A: We recommend hand washing all clothing in cold water for the best results. If you choose to machine wash, the best results come from washing your clothes inside out and drying on low heat.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes! We pride ourselves on being accessible to the entire world.

Buy Bills Channel Classic Hat

$ 29.95