Dead Alien?

First there was a UFO looking thing spotted in the night sky of Southern California. Then there was an dead alien creature found in the backyard of of a woman in San Jose, California. And then, my email box was filled with links to Facebook showing both events and asking, “Bill is this real? Or is it fake?

Ok, well first lets just have some fun and consider what it could be. I’m going with, Alien ship passes over Southern California for some close up pictures to send back home. But onboard, there is trouble. Two female aliens are in love with the same male alien. The situation is so tense between the two females, that one kills the other and throws her body out the back door of the spacecraft before leaving the atmosphere of planet earth. The body falls into the backyard of an earth woman who’s first thought is, “wow, this would be a great post on Facebook!”

Facebook posting of the supposed Alien

If the above story were true, it would make for one of the best viral internet stories ever! But I just made that up so it is highly unlikely anything of what I wrote could be true. So now lets turn to one of the best internet researchers I know, Kyle Darkkova, and see what he can find.

Within a matter of minutes, Kyle came back with a newspaper story from Outdoorhub that claimed the UFO was nothing more than a trident missile fired by the navy, and the dead alien was nothing more than a deer fetus that has been ejected from it’s mother’s womb for unknown reasons.

Screenshot of the story posted on Outdoorhub

Even the debunker of all debunker websites had a story on this deer fetus. reported that the photo of the fetus was not even taken in Southern California, but in Missouri on November 5th, a few days before the UFO was spotted over Southern California. And on that front, Snopes even posted a tweet from a Southern California Sheriff’s Office confirming the UFO was indeed a rocket fired by the navy.

Souther California Sherriff confirms Rocket Launvh

So, folks, despite my hope that some real UFO drama had come to earth, we are still just here all alone in the universe with our rockets and dead deers to keep us company.

The San Jose Alien story is therefor, officially declared….

My thanks to Kyle for researching this story and Daryl Watts,AllOfYour Enemy, Reagan Harris, Time 2 Music, Jeppe Møldrup, Adrian Flores, Connor Bowe, Kodhi Gush among many others for submitting this story.

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