Florida Bob Cat gets his dinner at the beach

A TV news channel in Melbourne, Florida USA is broadcasting a picture taken by one of it’s viewers that claims to show a bobcat attacking a shark. The viewer, John Baily, said he witnessed it himself and claims it is real!

But is it?

Bailey said he noticed the bobcat staring into the water at a shark close to the shoreline. The bobcat leaped into the surf and bit down on the 4 to 5-foot shark, dragged it out of the water onto the beach. The bobcat then ran off with its soon-to-be dinner into the woods.

The television station showed the fish to Florida Fish and Wildlife officials to see if it was real or a hoax.

F.W.C. officials agreed, they believe it is authentic and have no reason to believe it is not real.

David Hitzig, director of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, rescues and rehabilitates Florida bobcats. Hitzig said the incident captured on camera is a real possibility. He said Florida bobcats frequently hunt along local beaches to catch crabs and other animals all the time.

Another bpbcat at the beach shows they do frequesnt the shore.

A closer inspection of the photo by billschannel experts reveals no signs of fakery by photoshop or anything else, so I’m calling this picture….


HUGE THANKS TO Jacob Smith and Mandy Sonnier, for sending me this picture!

Hey speaking of Real or Fake “animal on animal” attacks. Here is one I researched a while back. It is said to show a mule killing a mountain lion. Check it out!

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