W'eel Turtle is the biggest tortoise sculpture in the world

It’s called W’eel Turtle and was built by George Gottbrecht from North Dakota. It’s built from over 2000 discarded automobile wheel rims. It stands Eighteen Feet High (or 6 and a half meters) and about 40 feet ( or 12 meters) long.

Convinced that one day he”ll find a proper use for them, George Gottbrecht saved around 2,000 car wheel rims, over 16 years. In 1982 he had a vision of how to turn his impressive collection into an artwork that the whole town would admire. He decided to build a giant turtle statue, in honor of the famous Turtle Mountains state park.

The sculpture put this small North Dakota town on the map

Some people have mistaken it for a cricket so Mr. Gottbrecht installed a motor to make the turtle head bob up and down. Unfortunately, kids started trying to climb up and ride the bobbing head so the motor was permanently halted.

Some people conquer moutains - others big tortoises

The best time to visit the W’eel Turtle, in Dunseith, is during the winter holidays, when its head is covered with a giant, red Santa Claus hat.

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