It says it is the biggest tortoise in the world, but is it real or is it fake?

This picture has been making the rounds on the internet for awhile now. But I didn’t see it until it was sent to me by @randomguy on Twitter. It shows what looks like a giant Tortoise being hauled on the back of a large truck. But is this real? Or is it Fake.


It didn’t take a lot of research to figure out the picture is really a photo of a prop being used in a movie. It is a Japanese movie fantasy called “Gamera the Brave.”

According to the film’s promotional material it is about a young boy who finds an unusual egg, from which a baby turtle hatches. The boy, Toru, raises the creature, quickly realizing it as remarkable in that it hovers and breathes fire. The creature quickly outgrows the house, is relocated by Toru and his friends to maintain secrecy, and then disappears.

Giant Turtle Movie Prop from Gamera The Brave as it outgrows the boy's house

On the movie set with smaller version of the turtle

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